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Update 03/30/2020:

We are once again one step closer to a complete wiki. We announce the wiki is now released, and yes, we have still an incomplete inventory of wiki articles and need to work on them and this will happen in the next days, bare with us, please. biggrin

  • First official release of the wiki (still incomplete)
  • Added comment function underneath wiki and article entries
  • Enabled the FAQ and the function to suggest new questions. (We try to answer them as detailed as possible, some may be rejected.)
  • Added new event elements to our calendar (GP & EXP Boost, Bounty Hunt)
  • Added chat channels for English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian (anonymous users are currently allowed, channel names are bugged, sorry for that ^^)

We have some other nice features planned in the future, but we'll keep our mouths shut about this for now.

Update 03/03/2020:

The need for team members to update the page is covored. Our next step will be the release and translation of the page. We are searching for 2 translators for each language to be able to release the wiki in other languages in July.

  • French (1/2)
  • German (0/2)
  • Portuguese (1/2)
  • Spanish (1/2)
  • Italian (1/2)

Our own discord is also live with a very minimalistic channel setup for ironsight players. Feel free to join it, ask question, and to give feedback.

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