Jean Verdier

Former member of the French Police special-response unit, GIGN. Born in a poor neighborhood, young Jean trained his parkour abilities running through the intricate maze of streets.


Price270 Chip


Verdiere was born from an Algerian laborer father and a French native mother in the 13th Zone of Paris slums. While growing up in the complicated maze of the 13th Zone, he developed remarkable dexterity and free-running skills. In 2017, when he turned 18, the gang ruling over 13th Zone murdered his parents and his younger sister. Verdiere applies for a position in the BRI, the violent crimes unit of the French Police, in seeking revenge for his family; he succeeds in wiping out the gang shortly thereafter. However, he came across the existence of Alejandro Goncharov, who was controlling the gang behind-the-scenes and indirectly ordered his parents murdered. He was unable to approach Goncharov further. To complete his revenge outside the boundaries of law, Verdiere resigns from BRI and moves to PMC.
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