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Original guide created by LlamaInPajama.
Last updated 2/29/2020

This is guide represents the current loadout meta of the Ironsight Search and Destroy competitive community. It covers recommended perks, weapons and attachments.


Slot 1

Nimble Hands (Rifle/SMG) - The ability the plant and defuse is incredibly valuable in a fast paced game like Ironsight, as well as not getting caught with grenades in your hand is an added bonus.
Perk Nimble

Quick Switch (Sniper) - Used predominately by most competitive snipers. It allows you to shoot faster and switch to your pistol faster which allows you to finish kills easier.
Perk Quick Switch

Slot 2

Double Time (Rifle/Sniper) - The is the most important perk and used by basically all players and it allows you to walk faster while aiming down sight (ADS) but most importantly when you are ADS walking you are completely silent and it cannot be countered by long ears. The reason why competitive players do not use feather steps is because footsteps can still be heard with that perk. So Double Time + ADS walk is used to get around the map silently.
Perk Double Time

Marathon (SMG) - This is just used to get from one side of the map to the other faster and without stopping and is really only useful for the SMG class.
Perk Marathon

Slot 3

Quick Recovery (All) - This is generally the most popular 3rd perk and can vary on specific circumstances but quick regen allows you to regain HP and re-enter gunfights faster.
Perk Quick Recovery

Blast Protection (SMG/Sniper) - This perk is useful for classes that do not expect to re-enter gunfights. For example an smg rusher whos goal is to go into a fight and kill as many people as possible before dying. Or a glass cannon sniper who might miss their first shot and get burst down by a rifler.
Perk Blast Protection

Long Ears (All) - Useful for other circumstances like hearing players rushing or rotating from a site.
Perk Long Ears

Primary Weapons


There is a lot of discussion revolving around which rifle to use so I'll give you a simple answer and then go into other options.

AUGA3 - (Most Popular) Simple answer is the AUG it has the best range in the whole game allowing it to take less bullets at longer ranges then any other, and has long been the favourite of competitive players. It is also very consistent as it will take 4 shots to kill up to 24+ meters. About +80% competitive riflers use the Aug.
Gun Aug

K2C - Yes I know it's the default gun but hang in there. It is a Jack-of-All-Trades, having better fire-rate then the Aug but better range then the Tar or Famas. The K2C is an all around a middle range and balanced gun. The K2C has a fast fire rate, high damage, predictable recoil and fast ADS time making it prefered over the other similar ARs such as M4, G36, SG556.
Gun K2c

FAMAS/TAR-21 - Known as the SMG rifle, the Famas and Tar have the best fire-rate of any assault rifle due to this you can basically use it like an SMG without taking up the SMG role so slap marathon on that baby and run around.
Gun Famas Gun Tar

HK417/M39 EMR - These high-skill guns require excellent aim but can 1 tap kill people on a headshot. Do not use if you have higher ping because the consistency of the weapon will be dramatically reduced. Also it is a slower weapon in terms of rate of fire, ADS time, and movement speed.
Gun Hk Gun Emr

SCAR-H - It can kill in 3 shots and is more popular in the Russian/CIS competitive scene. However it is less forgiving if you miss your shots and has slightly slower ADS time. The Scar is prefered over the SA58 because of better damage and range.
Gun Scar


Your sniper is a personal decision and both has their strengths and weaknesses. As a sniper main, I have got a loadout of each of these guns to switch between when playing the game.

DSR-1 - Slower ADS, RoF and movement speed but it can 1-shot kill in the head, neck, upper/lower chest, and upper shoulders. Thus, makes it more consistent.
Gun Dsr

Blaser R93 - Faster than the DSR but can only 1 shot kill in the head, neck and upper chest. Thus, makes it less consistent but better than the DSR if your aim is perfect.
Gun Blaser

Sub Machine Guns

I'm not very good at SMG and haven't picked a favourite but I'll try my best.

MP7 - Pretty fast firerate and middle of the road range the main advantage to it over something like the LWRC(which has a little better range) is the 40 bullets(with extended mag)
Gun Mp7

AR57 - For a long time this was hands-down the best SMG in the game with 50 bullets. It has been nerfed but it still has better range and recoil control over the P90.
Gun Ar57

MP5 - Popularized by the competitive South Americans, this gun has become the go-to SMG for them. Decent range, good fire-rate and good reload time all contribute to a South American rushing your spawn on a rampage. (Love you Hauz)
Gun Mp5

Secondary Weapons

TAC OPS - With good fire-rate and good damage it is a favourite of snipers allowing them to kill people in 1 shot after getting a hitmarker with a Blaser/DSR
Gun Tacops

Desert Eagle/Python - Good secondaries for rifles or SMGs there isn't much difference between the two which is why they're together. Both 1 shot headshot from close range. Python shoots a little faster with less accuracy and deagle spins when you press B so up to you
Guns Desert Eagle Gun Python

SPAS-12 - Shotguns are pretty underpowered in the game which is why they're a secondary. Spas has much better 1 shot-kill consistency compared to the Jackhammer. You must be at a very close range for this to be effective. Aiming down sight does help alot! From longer range you'll be shooting paintballs.
Guns Spas

CrossBow - (DISCLAIMER: Banned in most 3rd party competitive servers and tournaments) This is basically a pocket sniper. Fast ADS time and a 1 shot kill in the upper chest. Perfect accuracy when jumping as well.
Guns Crossbow


Attachment 1: Sights

This won't be separated by gun requirements so keep that in mind when reading.

QuickShot/Clear Sight - These are probably your go to guys for rifling, decent FOV and good aim in time. Quick Shot decreases your ADS time by 1 frame and has a zoom of 1.5x. Clear Sight has 1.1x zoom and it shows ammo count.
Attach Quickshot Attach Clearsight

Detecting Sight - (DISCLAIMER: Banned in most 3rd party competitive servers and tournaments) This is the best sight in the game and allows you to see through smoke and highlights enemies in red.
Attach Detecting

Viper Scope - The scope most used by snipers, good Field of View (FOV) and fast aim down sight time. It also has a very clear crosshair.
Attach Viper

Attachment 2: Other

This won't be separated by gun requirements so keep that in mind when reading.

Precision Barrel - Gives the user more range (1-2 meters), pretty nice
Attach Precision

Silencer - Cancels a lot of the noise on guns and you won't appear on radar pretty valuable for being sneaky, this or precision barrel are the current meta for rifles. Keep in mind your range will be slightly reduced by 1-2 meters.
Attach Silencer

Expanded Magazine - Only available on specific weapons. Adds more bullets to magazine.
Attach Magazine

Straight Pull - For snipers this is really the only attachment that does anything. It makes the time between shoots less. Combined with quickswitching can be used very effectively
Attach Straightpull

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