Sarah Browning

After being orphaned, this former CIA special operative has been training tirelessly to cope with her loss. She hides under the cover of a well-heeled Sheikh's trophy wife.


Price270 Chip


Born as the youngest granddaughter to the family that owns a giant U.S. military corporation, she has experienced turbulent times in her teens, being involved with a gang-related murder and faced prison. However, owing to her family, she escapes prison on the condition of enlisting in the army. On the day of her discharge, her father, vacationing on a cruise, dies from a mega Tsunami. Returning home, Sarah had not only lost her family but also the majority of assets owned by Lockheed as they were destroyed or swept away and on the verge of bankruptcy. She was rummaging through her father’s diaries in her father’s study, and notices that her father had already known that the Tsunami was coming. She also reads that her father suspected EDEN for the Tsunami. Sarah seeks out PMC to demand them to hire her as they are in conflict with EDEN.
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