Stray bullets in a gang fight killed his parents. He grew up surrounded by wars. Turning any object into a weapon is certainly a fine art that he learnt on the streets.


Price270 Chip


Born as a son of a Pashtuni nomad of Afghanistan, he became an orphan from the U.S. Army’s civilian slaughter in 1998. Afterwards, he started living as a Mujahideen at a young age in Afghanistan, with remarkable sniping skills. He began to work as a professional killer around the world after reaching adulthood. While being employed by the drug cartels of South and Central America and the Russian Red Mafia, he met his archrival McCrystal, and failed to be conclusively victorious in multiple combats. However, he was horribly injured by McCrystal’s bullet, and has worn a mask since. Rather than feeling hate towards McCrystal, Sirocco finds his challenge interesting. In any case, Sirocco does not turn down places where money and bullets are exchanged, and does not raise moral questions.
November 2020
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