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Original guide created by LlamaInPajama. Last updated 2/29/2020

This is meant to be an introduction on how competitive is played so I thought I might help new players understand a little bit of why we do certain things. These are competitive tips so while they can be used in casual play they are focused on competitive.


Jump Peeking - Jump sideways while peeking an angle. This is done mostly to try to kill scopes but is effective against all classes because it makes it harder for them to shoot you.


Drop Shotting - A term to describe prone just as you see someone, most effective short-range and/or against snipers


Slow Peeking/Strafe Peeking - A way to silently peek a corner. Also good for holding angles since you never want to 'hold' an angle in Ironsight. The netcode is not great in this game so there is a big peekers advantage. If someone peeks you first, they will see you on their screen and they can shoot you first as well. You just want to slow peek out every so often.


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