Training M4

Training M4 is similar to the M4-ACC-M, but there are no rails to attach further elements.


The Training M4 appears as the M4 Carbine or the M4A1, and it is normally not obtainable by any means. It is temporarily obtained: When players purchase a new loadout slot and don't change the primary weapon to another; When the durability of your weapon is reduced to 0; or when the item you have rented has expired and you haven't replaced the slot with another weapon you own. Statwise, the Training M4 is almost identical to that of the M4 ACC-M, it has less total ammo (90 total compared to 120) and cannot be customized in any way.


TypeAssault Rifle
Firing modeAuto
Maximum damage28
Minimum damage17
Range of maximum damage16 m
Range of minimum damage23 m
Damage drop1.57/m (corrected to 2 decimal places)
Firerate698 RPM
Recoil control72
Empty mag reload time96
Filled mag reload time77


Training M4


CommonDefaultTemporarily received when your main weapon's durability reaches 0 Item 00 00117
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