Valery Kalavanova

Her older brother was murdered in a terror attack. He was also her teammate. Since the tragedy, she's been tracking the ones responsible for the attack. She excels in intense operations.


Price270 Chip


Chinese father and Ukraine mother mix. She has experience as a model in her late teens with her mysterious and foreign beauty.

She enlists after being extremely attracted to the VIP guard team of the Ukraine Internal Forces, where her brother works. She was assigned to her brother’s team, and while guarding a pro-Western politician, a bomb attack at a speech leads to the assassination of her VIP and her brother.

While tracking the causes of the incident, she comes across a secret organization made by the former KGB-related members; she is forced to cease her recon as she was ordered by the higher authorities to cease, who was in turn influenced by EDEN.

As such, Valerie quits the Internal Forces and moves to PMC to stay away from the sabotaging of her pursuit.
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