Victor Schneider

This former KSK officer is a legend among his peers due to his combat skills. Victor is the product of the soldier cloning project led by the military.


Price270 Chip


Although he was born in Germany, Victor Schneider had a dark skin color due to his Ghanian mother, and became a soldier to resist all of the discrimination that he and his mother had faced. Chosen to be a member of the KSK given his superior physical attributes, he was very successful in his tenure; however, he notices that there are too many idiots who discriminate based on skin color in this world. He participates in a secret human clone project by the German military, being promised of a vision of an elite unit symbolic of Germany who takes after his combat ability and his skin color; however, the top-line command had been reluctant of letting peoples of dark color become strongest soldiers, and a white Schneider is born - just like his father, who had abandoned him and his mother. Schneider is successful in bombing the research facilities of the military forces that had looked down on him, and successfully stops more fake clones of himself being produced; however, he has now become the primary target of the already-produced clones and his sole objective is now to survive battles with himself.
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