Ironsight - Free Shooter at Aeria Games


The battlefields are calling after you. PMCs are fighting heavy battles out there and now it is the time to show them what you are made of! 

We want to test the effectiveness of tactical throwing weapons against other groups of PMCs and need your help.  The more kills, the better. 

We also have infused boosters to the systems to gather 30% more experience and to give you 30% more GP out of every single mission that you complete on the battlefield. 

The HQ will count the numbers of kills that you do with tactical throwing weapons. 

Only games played via normal matchmaking will be counted towards your score - no Custom Matches, PvE, Missions or anything else! 

There is no in-game counter for this event, the number of kills will be pulled from our database. 
The use of the tactical throwing weapons needs to result in a kill to be counted towards your score. 

This event starts on Thursday, March 26th, at 8am CET/ 12am PDT. It ends on Wednesday, April 1st, at 8am CET/ 12am PDT. Only kills gotten during this time will be counted.

Tier 1 - 1 to 9 tactical throwing weapon kills:
1 Collection Box + 10 CHIPS + Charm Slot Ticket  

Tier 2 - 10 to 19 tactical throwing weapon kills:
3 Collection Box + 30 CHIPS + Charm Slot Ticket + 1 Tactical Equipment Choice Box (7 Days) 

Tier 3 - 20 to 49 tactical throwing weapon kills:
5 Collection Box + 50 CHIPS + Charm Slot Ticket + 3 Tactical Equipment Choice Box (7 Days) 

Tier 4 - 50+ tactical throwing weapon kills:
7 Collection Box + 100 CHIPS + Charm Slot Ticket + 5 Tactical Equipment Choice Box (7 Days) + Special Melee Crate 



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