Western control over the Middle East's natural resources sparked conflict, leading to strong opposition from Russia and China. To contest this dominance, Russia set up a transnational corporation called the Energy Development Enterprise Network (EDEN) and hired Private Military Companies to protect their investments in the area. Pressured, western governments hired their own PMCs, ultimately worsening the geopolitical scene.


In 2023, a volcanic eruption caused a Megatsunami which swept up the Atlantic coast and annihilated numerous nuclear power plants. The radioactive spills were devastating. With the western control in the Middle East weakened, EDEN seized the opportunity to capture the capitals and monopolize the region’s resources. Unable to compete alone, the USA and Europe established the North Atlantic Federation, or NAF.

By 2025, NAF and EDEN have entered an all-out war to secure control over the Middle East and the resources it holds. The conflict has spread around the globe and it is up to you, PMC mercenaries, to pick a side and fight with your team to secure victory.


Pick your side, pick your destiny. The future of the world is in your hands!



The event will contain 3 different goals for each Mercenary.

  1. Community
  2. Faction War (Participation requires receipt of this package)
  3. Drone Combat

Timeframe: April 10th – May 03rd 






After the Megatsunami our world is endangered once again! Deserts are spreading, the biological diversity is lower than ever, and we need to work together to fight against another catastrophe which is slowly prowling forward. We need more plants and trees and we need them NOW!


All Mercenaries are working together as a community to rescue the world.



Fertilize trees with your enemies' blood and rescue the world!



Every 1 million kills give 5% XP and GP Boost for May 05th – May 15th (max: 250% )

Example: 37.123.151 Kills will provide a Boost of 185%


Every 1000 planted trees add 1% to the XP and GP Boost for April May 05th – May 15th (IRONSIGHT ONLY)



If you have purchased one or several charity-package for your account your kill count will double.


Garden (1.99) - 2 Trees
Grove ($9.99) - 10 Trees
Forest ($19.99) - 20 Trees




Faction War


Mercenaries, it is again time to pick your side! Not only are you responsible for the future of the earth, but also to lead a faction to the victory over the resources. Evaluate your chances, pick your faction and defend your goals together with other Mercenaries!


The mercenaries are divided into 2 factions (NAF/EDEN) and have to fight for their faction.
The faction with the most kills wins.



Achieve the most kills with your faction.

Reach the TOP 5 of your faction.



Winning Faction: Blue Primary Select Box, 10 Community Box Mk3, 100 CHIPS, 20.000 GP

Losing Faction: Woodland Primary Select Box, 5 Community Box Mk3, 50 CHIPS, 10.000 GP

TOP 5 of each faction will get the double amount of the price package and a City Primary Select Box on top.



  • If you have purchased one or several charity-package for your account your kill count will double.
  • Kill at least 100 enemies.
  • Redeem your free knife to start the event.



Drone Combat


Thinking about your family and your own health you want to stock up your resources and supplies to survive. Fear not, the HQ will provide for supply boxes and other rewards to defend yourself in these harsh times. You only must fulfill a simple task. The keyword: Drones



Mercenary, the HQ wants you to fulfill an important task! We need to enforce the usage of drones.



Use Drones, A LOT!


Tier 1: Use any drones 50 times.

Tier 2: Use any drones 250 times.

Tier 3: Use any drones 750 times.

Tier 4: Use any drones 2000 times.

Tier 5: Use any drones 5000 times.



Depending on the reached tier the user will get several crates and items.


Tier 1: 2 Supply Boxes, 1 Superior Supply Box, 1 Fire Monkey Box, 1 Angry Monkey Box, Charm Slot Ticket

Tier 2: 10.000, 10 Chips, 3 Supply Boxes, 2 Superior Supply Boxes, 2 Fire Monkey Boxes, 2 Angry Monkey Boxes, Charm Slot Ticket

Tier 3: 20.000, 30 Chips, 5 Supply Boxes, 3 Superior Supply Boxes, 3 Fire Monkey Boxes, 3 Angry Monkey Boxes, Charm Slot Ticket, Bullet Choice Box (7 Days)

Tier 4: 30.000, 50 Chips, 7 Supply Boxes, 5 Superior Supply Boxes, 5 Fire Monkey Boxes, 5 Angry Monkey Boxes, Charm Slot Ticket, Bullet Choice Box (7 Days), Lethal Equipment Choice Box (7 Days)

Tier 5: 50.000, 100 Chips, 10 Supply Boxes, 7 Superior Supply Boxes, 7 Fire Monkey Boxes, 7 Angry Monkey Boxes, Charm Slot Ticket, Bullet Choice Box (7 Days), Lethal Equipment Choice Box (7 Days), Tactical Equipment Choice Box (7 Days), Emote Select Box, Cartoon Choice Box



For the whole event only normal matchmade games count. Custom matches, Missions and PvE won't be considered in this event and do not count towards your progress.

The rewards will be sent within 1 week after the end of the event. We'll keep you updated about the status on our Discord: https://discord.gg/ironsight


There is no in-game counter for this event, the number of kills will be pulled from our database.


You can find daily updated numbers for the factions, community, and mercenaries here: https://bit.ly/IRON_EVENT_DOC