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We are back with a new season of Community Highlights!

2019 has been such a great year for Ironsight and we hope that 2020 will be even better with more and more players trying it out on Steam! So here is the first batch of Community Highlights for 2020.






V1N is just there, casually shooting folks right in the eye.



mLiink is fast, cunning and merciless!



Luck or pure skillz? Decide for yourself! (budamalignoXD)


4 in a row with RizoMark


RizoMark once again starts off with a sweet quad!



Hey, you gotta be extra careful with that train on your tail! (DaWorstGamerEver25)



Have you seen the new Sonic movie? It's good. (TheOnlyBK)



NewNewbie plays like an OldPro



Whenever you're in a hard situation, mLiink is there to save the day! (mliink22)



Derd is back at it with a banger! (Tyler)



Missed nopproblem? Well he closed the year with a great compilation!



MrNG99 has no mercy for the weak.


Yeah is that annoying guy in the block. But he's good, he's good.



One after another. PullThePin is lining them all up!



MiNhOcA is showing off his mesmerizing skills!


Some men just want to watch the world burn. Mojave is one of those men.



cApitAoPaU has some very accurate shots these days.



A beautiful triple from CuisseDePoulet5!



Skibbehify is rounding up some highlights from the community. Join him!



IAMAFETUS knows how to use a Shotgun



Rvreq with his MP9 is just... HOT DAMN!


zCf is back with a MK46 skin named CHAOS


Check out this killer weapon skin from Dorn41



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This was it! Don’t hesitate to provide us feedback on the forum. We are open to suggestions! Just drop us a line.

Until next time,

Your Ironsight Community Team